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From CENA: We Need Large Room for BRT Meeting
4/13/2010 • BY DEAN METZGER • 1 Comment
Claremont Elmwood neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 5108
Berkeley CA, 94705
 April 12, 2010
Mayor Tom Bates
RE: Council Meeting of April 20, 2010 (Preferred Local Alternative .
Staff’s Local Preferred Alternative plan for BRT is on the council agenda for April 20. CENA anticipates that many citizens will want to attend and make their views known on this contentious subject. We are afraid that the usual meeting room may be too small to accommodate everyone.
The Brown Act (Government Code Section 54953(a)) specifically states that this meeting must be open and public and that “all persons shall be permitted to attend”. Section 54954.3 (a) further states that all members of the public shall have the right to address the Council on agenda items. CENA believes that under these circumstances the law requires that the City take reasonable steps to select an alternative Berkeley site for the meeting that is adequate for the number of anticipated participants.
If it is decided to move ahead with this matter in the present council chambers and not to move the meeting to a large enough venues to allow everyone to come and speak, there is a real possibility that the City will be accused of deliberately evading the requirements of the Brown Act..
Thank you in advance for assuring that the City complies with its legal obligation.
Dean Metzger
President - CENA
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