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From Telegraph Businesses: Time to Say "No" to the BRT!
9/13/2012 • By Roland Peterson
I just returned a couple of minutes ago from the meeting of the Agenda Committee.  I made a point of attending because this meeting would determine how the City Council will handle the BRT issue at its April 20 meeting and any subsequent meetings.

For the April 20 meeting, the Council will take up BRT first after the consent calendar.  They discussed adding chairs to the Council chambers room itself plus up to fifty downstairs from the Chamber.  They discussed moving it to a larger venue, but decided against it because they believed it needed to be televised live.  They also decided that they will not take a vote on 4/20, but they will take testimony.  Of course, turnout is extremely important!

Then the discussion turned to how to take a vote on a locally preferred alternative for BRT.  Mayor Bates commented that the draft agenda for 4/27, the next Tuesday, is very full, so he was reticent to include it in the agenda.  The Agenda Committee then decided to have a special meeting of the Council just on BRT-- a one-item agenda-- on Thursday, April 29.  They decided to ask the City Clerk's office to inquire about holding that meeting elsewhere that can hold more people and be televised live.  Most suggested places could have the meeting taped and broadcast later, but not televised live.  The decision was to ask the Clerk to try to reserve Longfellow Middle School as the location for the 4/29 meeting, but of course, it remains to be seen if it is available.  The special meeting will remain at 7:00 PM.  Mayor Bates said flatly that the 4/29 meeting will be the one when a final vote will be taken.  Councilmember Max Anderson said that he will miss both the 4/27 and 4/29 meetings.

To George-- I believe that these are the meetings that the Willard Neighborhood Association needs to turn out in large numbers.  I will let you know when I hear confirmation of the location of the 4/29 meeting.

To John Caner-- At the risk of sounding excessively redundant, I think that this will be the most important issue the DBA will face in at least a decade or more.  Yes, the DAP is important, but a full build of BRT in the downtown could decimate the downtown, and I question whether any version of a DAP could do that.  Full build BRTs have had hugely harmful effects in other commercial districts, especially during construction, and the ones most often mentioned are Toronto and Cleveland.  The Transportation Commission has already recommended that, and the Planning Commission was not far behind.

Will let you know when I hear more.

Roland Peterson
Executive Director, Telegraph Business Improvement District

Message from the Prez
4/13/2010 • By George Beier


Welcome to Willard's website...where we track all the happenings in the 'hood.  We'd sure love for you to contribute.  Send an email with an article to georgebeierjr@hotmail.com.  You can also use the menus at the top to browse articles, events, or the neighborhood "to do" list.  Enjoy!
Willard's To-Do List
Contact Carol Denney re: Chancellor's Grants
4/10/2010 • By George Beier
548-1512 cdenney@igc.org. Contact her with the possibility of creating a smoke-free People's Park  more

Email the WNA re: BRT
4/13/2010 • By George Beier
Notify folks of the BRT meetings on 4/20 and 4/29 more

Talk to Inca re: Closing the Chevron
4/15/2010 • By George Beier
Looks like he's being forced out by the Extra Mile store. Rent seems to be skyrocketing. Owner is Hugo Cornejo more


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CIL Building for Sale
Updated 8/2/2009

CIL Building on Telegraph Ave


Click this link to see the CIL building flyer.  John Gordon is the broker.

About Our Association
4/14/2010 • By Vincent Casalaina

General Purposes of the WNA

We will attempt to strengthen community, to promote safety and quality of life, and to facilitate neighbors’ pursuit of other common interests.


Means for doing so shall include:

  • Monitoring, distributing information, and encouraging discussion about neighborhood conditions; 
  • Providing a forum for identifying issues of common interest, airing various points of view on them, and developing options to solve problems; 
  • Serving as a neighborhood voice and recognized channel of communication with City staff, elected officials, and other institutions and groups impacting the neighborhood; and 
  • Encouraging neighbor awareness of and participation in local electoral processes (though not endorsing any candidates)



Steering Committee Meetings
The Steering Committee meets the 4th Thursday each month at Mudrakers Cafe on the corner of Stuart and Telegraph. The meetings begin at 7pm and all neighbors are encouraged to attend. The agendas will be posted in the Community Pages on this website prior to each meeting so you can see what issues are going to be addressed.


Yahoo Group for more active communication
Willard neighbors can join our Yahoo Group for a more interactive discussion of events. As with most groups, its only as active as the people who want to post.

here's the url for signing up: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/willardna/

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